September 15, 2010


After a great summer working with KVA MATx in Boston, its back to the GSD for my thesis preparation term. I am taking three classes this term, pursuing an independent study, and preparing research for my thesis (which will be executed + presented next term).

My courses include:
  • Immersive Environments with Chris Hoxie, where we will be developing films through advanced rendering techniques.
  • Computational Design with Panagiotis Michalatos, where we will be working with a mix of custom software and commercial tools (grasshopper, rhinoscript, C++) to generate, describe and analyze geometry from structural and cost perspectives.

My independent study focuses on developing interactive modes of architectural representation through the use of mixed-reality interfaces and multiplayer video game environments.  I am working with my classmate Greg Tran on developing this line of research, and in preparing an exhibition at the GSD tentatively scheduled for early February 2011.  As the research develops I will post links to our work.  For now, check out some of Greg's animation and mixed-reality experiments on his Vimeo page.

Lastly, my design thesis will be exploring the changing nature of work in an increasingly virtual economy, and will speculate on  the role that architecture may play in that future.  Crowdsourcing, "serious games", mobile computing, aging populations, the growth of the Generation Y workplace demographic, the so-called post-geographic workforce, and the future of the corporation (as economic, social and political unit) are touchstones for my research.  Expect to see more soon.