March 29, 2009

GSD 1202 : Thick Park Urbanism / Midterm Review

Moving from the scale of the protoblock to the scale of the entire site, I developed a strategy for distributing massing and program that would respond to the specific urban context of Brooklyn, while managing environmental parameters and creating a new public space.

Thick Park Urbanism seeks to re-deploy the early Modernist dream of a city in a park. In place of the undefined and homogeneous parkscape of earlier dreams, a heterogeneous thickened landscape of interlocking public and private program is proposed.

Various community facilities are embedded below the park, and emerge occasionally to engage the park surface, adjacent residential /commercial program, and surrounding urban context. The top surface of the park doubles as an ecological corridor, supporting a mix of recreational program, extensive native green roof, and urban agriculture. The park also provides new pedestrian connections across the site.